Bloomington Normal Sister Cities

We have dates for our Jr. High Student visitors from Asahikawa, Japan.

They will arrive on Saturday, March 26 and leave for Chicago on Sunday April 3. There are 11 students and 2 chaperones coming.

Unit 5 and District 87ís spring break is March 21 Ė 25. The Bloomington/Normal Sister Cities Committee will keep the students busy Monday through Friday from 8 to 4. Host families need to drop them off between 7:45 and 8:00 and pick them up at 4:00 at a location in Bloomington. Last year we used the church at Washington and Mercer. Weíve also used the shopping center at Towanda and College.

There are two mandatory family/student dinners. One on Sunday the other on Thursday, usually about 6 pm at Miller Park Pavilion or the Bloomington City Cottage at Lake Bloomington. One is a welcome dinner the second is a going away dinner.

We will offer up tickets to the Extreme Football game on Friday 4/1. Thatís an optional activity.

Sunday we will take the students and chaperones to Chicago for the day. Monday they will fly back to Japan.

Itís always a great time. There is usually apprehension at first, then fun ensues, followed by family bonding. Usually there are tears when host families drop them off the last day. I guarantee the tears are dried up by the time the students get to Towanda.

If your family is interested in a student please Contact us as soon as possible.

The Bloomington/Normal Sister Cities Committee also has a reciprocal visit set up for our Jr. High students in the summer, sometime after July 7 before July 25. Our students generally stay about 2 weeks and the cost is about $2,200.